The Baking Enthusiast Award


Goodness me, another award? In all honestly, these fellow bloggers on WordPress are the absolute best! I was nominated by Elise from elisebakes who has a wonderfully sweet blog herself that you should all check out. From what I gather, this award was created by mydearbakes (another incredible sweets blogger) in order to award blogs that are dedicated to the art of baking.

Rules of the award:

  1. Visit and thank the person who has awarded you.
  2. Acknowledge the person and write a post on your blog/website/Facebook and include a link back so that other can find out about this award!
  3. As the award looks so nice, do display the award on your website/Facebook!
  4. The recipient of the award can in turn select and award other blogs who deserve the award. – Please note that this is optional, you can chose not to award anyone even if you have received the award!

My nominations:

1. 27 Cupcakes

2. hello apron!




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