Super Quick and Versatile Crescent Rolls


I wasn’t feeling up to much today. I spent most of the day dancing and  or rolling on the carpet. It was just one of those days. Nevertheless, I still managed to cook dinner and crank out these little guys, who were so ridiculously fast and easy to make. Really, no baking skills needed or required for this recipe. Plus, you can pretty much do anything you want.



1 Pkg of Crescent rolls
1 tbs of peanut butter
1 tbs of white and semi sweet chocolate chips
1/2 tsp of applesauce
A bit of Cinnamon
4-10 mini marshmallows (you will end up eating some)

1. Preheat your oven to the particular degree the Crescent roll’s demand (this will be on the packaging). They are not even joking about the temperature that’s required, they will burn their own butts if you defy them.
2. Line the cookie sheet with some parchment paper, this will prevent the rolls from executing their plan for excessively burnt butts. Roll out the rolls and add your toppings, then roll them as instructed on the packaging.

3. Now, go crazy with your toppings but make sure the rolls are as tightly rolled as you can manage. Don’t overdo it. Well, unless you want to make a crazy mess that you will have to clean up.

4.  Pop them in the oven, right after blowing some kisses their way, they like that sort of attention. Bake the rolls for as long as the packaging dictates or even a little less. You can defy the packaging’s rules for this step, those silly little rolls won’t know the difference. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


11 thoughts on “Super Quick and Versatile Crescent Rolls

    1. Kisses always help with the baked good’s self-esteem, resulting in really delicious treats. I’m glad you will incorporate this new step into your baking.

  1. I’ve never heard of crescent rolls… I don’t think that they’re sold here in Perth? Great idea though, for a quick and almost-homemade snack. Your fillings look gorgeous (ah, molten chocolate…. yum!)

    1. Thanks! I figured it be a quick but delicious treat for company. Sometimes you don’t want to have to bake a complete batch of cookies from scratch.

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