Rough Week: Here’s A Poem

This week has been unequivocally wretched. I’ve tried to make about 3 different recipes, all of which did not meet my standards. I can’t post icky things on here! I just can’t. Anyway, as an apology, I will provide you with my poetry:

by Melisa Robledo

None are equal to the grace of

Flourished languages

Incomprehensibly long sentences

Followed by clichéd yet absolute verses

 Of the most ardent and passionate love


These flourished words are shrouded

Beaten and blackened with despair

Their long sentences

Overcome by grief, insecurity, and remorse

Overflowing tears of not joy, but solace

Misery does revel in company

However, the true pleasure comes from the praise.

I apologize for not having a recipe  up this week. You must believe that I am absolutely unhappy about it.


14 thoughts on “Rough Week: Here’s A Poem

  1. Oh Melisa, don’t fret. I feel so guilty knowing that you’re upset but I can’t help enjoying your beautiful poem. Next week will be better. Keep up the spirit 😀

  2. Melisa don’t stress, I have things that don’t work out too, or I’m so busy working I don’t have time to create something or even take pictures it as I do or try…just take one day at time, we are all here for you whether you post a recipe, post a poem 🙂 or just stop and say Hello!!
    You have a Fantastic Weekend!!! 🙂

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