Celebration Almond Buttery Shortbread Cookies


Hello my lovely readers,

I come to you today with a festively whimsy yet simple recipe that was inspired by an amazing banner (which I will reveal very soon) that my beautiful and talented cousin Amy  made for me. My cousin Amy has always been this amazing figure in my life. Continue reading “Celebration Almond Buttery Shortbread Cookies”


Dr. Pepper Chocolate Texas Cake

I am a piece of delicious chocolate cake. I am made with Dr. Pepper. I am positively delicious and probably bad for you.
I am a piece of delicious chocolate cake. I am made with Dr. Pepper. I am positively delicious and probably bad for you.

Dearest Internet friends,

I have baked a yummy. The yummy that I baked is called a Dr. Pepper Texas Chocolate Cake. I’m going through a soda cake phase, if you haven’t noticed. If you’re Southern or from Texas, I’m sure you’ve had this cake many many times. I only had it once I moved to Texas. I know, HOW COULD I? But I did and now my life is better. Did you know Dr. Pepper is loved by all in Texas? (<< broad generalization) I love Dr. Pepper too. Not as much as most people, I think but I do love it.  Let’s get down to business! Continue reading “Dr. Pepper Chocolate Texas Cake”

7Up or Sierra Mist Boxed Cake Mix


The sunlight touches this slice approvingly.
The sunlight touches this slice approvingly.

Hello everyone! ❤ I’ve missed you, have you missed me? If you haven’t, don’t tell me. I like to pretend you have whilst twirling gallantly.

I’m addicted to Pinterest. I’m not going to sugarcoat it. I love Pinterest. I want to DIY everything. If you’ve been on Pinterest long enough you’ll definitely see this little chart with that pair up boxed cake mixes with sodas. There are tons of different charts but they’re all essentially the same. I’ve always been curious about them, in particular, the 7Up cake mix one. The first reason is because I LOVE 7UP! The second reason is because I love to eat fast easy cakes for when I need emergency grumpy heals.  Continue reading “7Up or Sierra Mist Boxed Cake Mix”

Pan de Maíz Puerto Rican Corn Bread


I am a delicious pan de maíz.
I am a delicious pan de maíz.

Pan de Maíz is one of my father’s favorite deserts ever. He knows where to find the best ones back home. If I ever crave it, I just let him know and he’ll hook me right up. This delicious cake is similar to a cornbread but it’s also seen as a dessert. This recipe is pretty much a base recipe with a few alterations I add in order to get the flavor I’ll be straight up honest with y’all, I’ve been craving these cakes for about a week now. I’ve contemplated going back home just to eat one and a few other things… Continue reading “Pan de Maíz Puerto Rican Corn Bread”

Peanut Butter Blossoms


Peanut butter is some kind of miraculous ingredient that makes everything better, isn’t it? I mean, I can’t get enough of it. As I was baking these cookies, I dipped some of the unwrapped kisses into the melted peanut butter and was immediately taken to a land of deliciousness. I suggest you try this when baking these.

This recipe is a classic but a goodie. I’m pretty sure everyone has their own peanut butter blossom recipe. Here’s mine, y’all! Continue reading “Peanut Butter Blossoms”